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Who will Medicaid expansion help?

Medicaid expansion helps parents, farmers, near retirees, small business employees, and South Dakotans who work at jobs that don’t offer healthcare or who simply can’t afford it. They earn too much currently to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to afford care on their own.

Medicaid expansion will help hardworking South Dakota families who are slipping through the cracks in our healthcare system and rural residents who already have to drive long distances for emergency care. Medicaid expansion will help keep rural hospitals open for when an emergency strikes and ensure that all South Dakota families have access to emergency care — regardless of where they live.

How will it help our economy?

Expanding Medicaid will bring hundreds of millions of our tax dollars back home to South Dakota every year. That money will go back into our local economy, keep families out of medical bankruptcy, help keep rural hospitals and clinics open, and benefit our small businesses. The less money families have to spend on medical debt, the more they can spend supporting our small businesses, and that benefits all of us.